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Love Is All You Need

A somewhat contrived romance about an older couple meeting cute in Europe


The story revolves around the middle-aged Ida (Trine Dyrholm), who has just been declared cancer-free and declines reconstructive surgery, certain her husband won't care. Then she catches him with the girl from accounting. Philip (Pierce Brosnan), a British businessman in Denmark, recently lost his wife and has "chosen to be by myself" rather than to seek love again. They meet when Ida backs her car into Philip's, just as both are on their way to catch a flight to Italy, where (believe it or not!) Ida's daughter is marrying Philip's son.

Director Susanne Bier works so hard at being charming, romantic and bittersweet that from scene to scene you wonder what she'll think of next. Certainly nothing that hasn't been thought of before. The mini-dramedies that follow, some of them touching enough to satisfy, take place in idyllic settings, and Bier handles her actors with a casual touch that keeps it warm. But it's all so contrived and well intended that you like it a little more just because you feel a little sorry for it. Unless, of course, you take comfort in cliché, in which case Love Is All You Need is all you need.

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