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Lone Survivor

Based on real events, an account of a SEAL mission that goes wrong in Afghanistan


Peter Berg's actioner, based on "lone survivor" Marcus Luttrell's memoir, recounts the 2005 mission in which four members of SEAL Team 10 (Mark Wahlberg, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Taylor Kitsch) attempt to capture a Taliban leader in a remote Afghan village. Things quickly go from bad to worse to tragic, as the men are trapped and outgunned.

This will be a polarizing film: Some viewers will laud it for showing the "real" story of heroic Navy SEALs; others will enjoy a better-than-average war actioner, with lots of gruesome injuries; and still others will see another jingoistic Hollywood/military co-opt.

Giving the real soldiers the benefit of the doubt for a harrowing ordeal, and Berg some marks for tension (and one horrifying falling-down-the-mountain sequence), I mostly found this film depressing — a perversely entertaining reminder of all the blood and treasure that's been lost. It's long been human nature to celebrate brotherhood under fire and "heroic" deaths in battle, but what's depicted here seems like an especially futile exercise.

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