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Local rockers Round Black Ghosts release Line Up

Round Black Ghosts
Line Up


Local rock band Round Black Ghosts shows some potential, but still has some rough edges to smooth out. Strengths include the cool band name -- drawn from a nickname for 78 RPM records -- nice album art for its second album, Line Up, and an alternative sound that should appeal to fans of multiple genres.

Lyrically, Round Black Ghosts tackles a wide range of subjects, from wolves and magic to robots. Though the topics and motifs aren't especially common, the lyrics are infused with a lot of clichés, which draws away from the topics.

Though the band's general style and instrumentation remain more or less consistent throughout Line Up, a lot of the songs seem heavily influenced by very different artists and genres. One of the album's highlights, "Only Noise," takes on dramatic qualities similar to The Arcade Fire, while the last track, "Drunks Don't Start Revolutions," has vocals that make it sound a bit like something in the screamo genre. The album's first track, "City Lights," even has faint hints of The Grateful Dead. 

While variety can be good, the indecisiveness of Line Up doesn't always work for Round Black Ghosts. It can be difficult for listeners to decide quite how they feel when such different elements enter each track. 


Round Black Ghosts CD Release with Meeting of Important People and Kik & the Central Plains. 10 p.m. Sat., May 29. Thunderbird Café, 4023 Butler St., Lawrenceville. $5. 412-682-0177 or www.thunderbirdcafe.net

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