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Local recommendations for Bandcamp's revenue-free sale, May 1

Musicians on Bandcamp collectively earned $4.9 million on Fri., March 20 when the online streaming platform waived its revenue share from all sales for 24 hours. The idea was to help artists across the world who could no longer earn income from concerts and touring amidst pandemic closures. Bandcamp plans to do this again on Fri., May 1.

“Even the next day the purchases didn’t have the fee,” says Danielle Walker, who creates music under the moniker INEZ. “It was more than I get from performing if I have two to three shows a week. It was a great boost, not only for my morale as an artist, but as much-needed supplemental income.”

The gains weren’t just monetary; Walker says she received new followers from the promotion as well. The day before Bandcamp waived its revenue shares, Pittsburgh City Paper asked people in the local music scene to recommend releases to purchase from other musicians. For example, Walker’s debut album Voicemails and Conversations was spotlighted by rapper and Driving While Black label owner Jordan Montgomery.

“[The] album is perhaps one of the most honest and inspiring displays of women empowerment that I’ve heard in some time,” Montgomery says of the Dec. 2019 release. “Even at 22 tracks, the album gets more enticing the deeper you get into it. With this project, INEZ has set the standard for future R&B projects coming out of the city.”

With Bandcamp repeating its special on May 1, CP followed suit and reached out to artists for a second round of recommendations. Check out the first round here.

Ben Gibbons (Bored In Pittsburgh) recommends Sober Clones: Sober Clones CS
I've really been digging Sober Clones CS by Sober Clones. They're a duo (featuring members of Speed Plans and Barlow) that makes super fuzzy, psych-pop songs, and they released their debut album in February. I've always enjoyed psychedelic music for its escapist qualities, so I appreciate Sober Clones even more now that I'm stuck in a tiny basement apartment with an angry cat. Listen/stream here.

Clara Kent recommends Bilal Abbey: Gremlins
It’s been over a year and this record still moves me. The content is refreshing and brings up a lot to reflect on as a person in modern society: social injustices, self-hatred, self-love, distractions, and more. I love how simply put the messages are in each song. Listen/buy here.

Alex Neal (Thunderbird Café & Music Hall Manager) recommends Ky Vöss: Space Cadet
Ky Vöss is a Pittsburgh synthpop/dreampop artist well-deserving of a spotlight. When I first heard their music, I was entranced. In the live setting, Ky puts on an intriguing experimental audio/visual show. Well worth the purchase! Listen/buy here.

Isaiah Ross (Jack Swing) recommends Rave Ami: All Great Bands Break Up
I'm choosing this release because it’s a great Pittsburgh rock record. Rave Ami has been one of the city’s most consistent acts in terms of excellent live shows and excellent music. This record stands up to that claim with a ton of excellent songs. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be "Holla, Space Boy." Listen/buy here.

Adam Valen (Drusky Entertainment marketing manager, Nevada Color guitarist) recommends Anthony Heubel: Anthony Heubel and the High Lonesome Band
I was a fan of his band Run, Forever back in college and ended up crossing paths whenever I was an intern at Drusky Entertainment/Altar Bar. He was a loader (I believe), so we had a few brief talks between sets or something like that. So I was really happy to see his name pop up on new releases. I think I've always been more of a technical listener when it comes to listening to music at first glance, and the arrangement and quality is top-notch. I love the style of Americana/folk. I need a few more listens to dive into the songwriting, but I get some Better Oblivion Community Center vibes listening to it, which I've been starting to listen to a lot more. I have a ton more to listen and buy. I've been collecting a big list of artists with past and current releases, so trying to listen to as many as I can. Drusky has complied a bunch of Bandcamp on our blog. Listen/buy here.

Karen Dietrich (Essential Machine) recommends Sierra Sellers: Ophelia
Sierra Sellers’ new album evokes warm summer nights spent exploring — both the neighborhood and what it means to be alive. The grooves are infectious and Sellers’ voice is divine. I caught her set at Deutschtown Music Festival last year and I’ve been a fan ever since. Listen/buy here.

Jordan Snowden (CP music writer) recommends The Real Sea
This isn't an album recommendation, but I only recently discovered shoegaze pop band, The Real Sea. They currently have two singles available on Bandcamp that you should definitely check out if you haven't. In "Sure Thing," lead singer Sharon Mok's voice is like a dreamy tranquilizer. "Panama," the second single, is a little more upbeat but is just as lush and peaceful. The Real Sea washes away any negative emotion. Listen/buy here.

Bobby Smith (Lemon Tree Records) recommends Danvers: How Did It Ever Come to This
With spring in the air, there is nothing better to me than a punk beat underneath some catchy riffs and awesome vocal arrangements. When I first heard Danvers I was blown away that they weren't signed to a big punk label or touring with huge emo bands. They're an incredible band and even better people, which makes them that much easier to love! Listen/buy here

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