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Local punks The Fitt release When The Fitt Hit The Shan with guest Paul Quattrone

Plenty of local bands end with their best work unreleased. When guitarist Patrick Waters and bassist Dave Tressler of Pittsburgh-based punk trio The Fitt parted ways with drummer Aaron Minnoe, they left an album's worth of material in limbo.

"We haven't really played a show since July of last year," says Waters. "It's been rough. Dave and I didn't want to stop, but we've been forced." So far, they haven't been able to find a suitable new drummer, and the band's initial hopes of finding a label to release its album have faltered without an active lineup to support the release.

But that hasn't stopped Waters and Tressler from getting the record pressed and putting together an August release show with guest drummer Paul Quattrone. "Dave and I are just excited to be playing a release," says Waters, "to be finally getting it out."

When The Fitt Hit The Shan is being released in a limited run of 250 on white vinyl. Although it features 11 tracks, it's played at 45 rpm (instead of the usual LP speed, 33 1/3 rpm). The songs were recorded two years ago in a Lawrenceville basement studio by Matt Schor. "We started working with him several years ago, when he first started recording," notes Waters. "We were his guinea pigs."

The album ranges from the primal bass and guitar unisons that drive the punky "Janie," to the rhythmic shards of "Pig Factory," a thunderous workout that seems at first an instrumental, until the lyrics come in during the final third: "K, why can't we / Don't you want to learn all the tricks today / No fire burning in your smile / We're gonna sit around a while."

The release show will take place at 9 p.m., Sat., Aug. 7, at Gooski's in Polish Hill. Also on the bill are Slices, Free Clinic and from Brooklyn, Landlords. (The LP is $10, and also available at Mind Cure, Paul's CDs and Wicked Discs.) Filling out The Fitt will be powerhouse drummer Paul Quattrone (of Modey Lemon, Midnight Snake, Italian Ice, !!! and more). "We're definitely lucky to work with him, even if it's just for this one show," says Waters.

It may be The Fitt's last -- if the pair isn't able to find a replacement. (Waters currently plays in rock band Wormrigg, and Tressler has performed recently with Bull Shannon.) "Anyone that's contacted me, I've given a chance," Waters says. "We'd definitely want to continue."

For more info, visit www.myspace.com/thefitt

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