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Local gift guide: City Paper edition

If you're still scratching your head for the right gift idea, then you've come to the right place. Here at Pittsburgh City Paper, we have some gift suggestions that you literally won't find anywhere else because they're all branded with our name and logo.

For the avid reader, local arts lover, or just plain weirdo in your life, there is a CP gift for everyone. Purchasing any of these items helps keep CP in print and online every week.

Mask up

At this stage in the pandemic, everyone is sick of wearing the same masks over and over again. Give the gift of protection and style, a City Paper face mask. It will have all the other mask-wearers in the grocery store saying, from a distant of at least six feet, "Where can I get one of those?"  $10.

Color between the lines

For the ultra fan of all things Pittsburgh, it doesn't get better than the Over-the-top Completely Ridiculous Yinzerrific Coloring Book, which is filled with work by over 35 local artists. The book features drawings of everything from John and Gisele Fetterman (yes, his head is cut off the page), to a visual representation of the phrase "Kennywood's open" (if you know, you know). Plus, this gift supports local artists; 50% of all the proceeds go to the artists themselves. $25 for print copy, $20 for digital edition.

Corona is a Jagoff

Who could possibly disagree with the statement that "coronavirus is a jagoff"? Since March, when this illustration by Abbie Adams first appeared on a City Paper cover, the virus has been nothing but a menace in every possible way. Just in case the virus is sentient and has feelings, let it know you want to hurt them. The mask and poster can be purchased as a set, or separately. $22.50 for the set. $15.00 for print. $15.00 for mask.

The gift that keeps giving

A subscription to anything is a great gift because the recipient keeps receiving long after Christmas. A 10-week subscription to City Paper ensures that your friends and family will get the best local arts and news coverage delivered to their door from January through March. But wait, that's not all! Each gift subscription comes with a "coronavirus is a jagoff" face mask. $55.00 for a 10-week subscription. 

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