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Local 913: Victor Abendano

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably the type of person who takes solace in your favorite songs.

For Victor Abendano, it’s writing and performing music that has brought him comfort. Born in Mexico, Abendano’s family left for Texas when he was a child. Their work visa ran out and they were here illegally for a few years. Now a legal resident, Abendano moved to Pittsburgh to work and to buy a home.

Throughout those uncertain times, music has been a constant for Abendano. That was the case when he wrote “Music Is Her Name” — he was going through a divorce and found himself playing in a bar for free, just trying to maintain his connection to music.

‘“Music Is Her Name’ came to me like it was a second chance,” he says. “It was winter at the time and it was winter in my life. I felt depressed, isolated, alone, — like my life was over. Everything I worked for was crumbling, but I don’t necessarily need a woman. It ended up becoming where it was like a duality, like music is a woman to me and it’s something I could pour my love into. That’s my love right there. Music is her name, you know? She’s the one that’s going to save me out of this deep depression that I was falling into.”

He did come through that turbulent time, and the song has a positive, sunny outlook. Hear “Music Is Her Name” on Victor Abendano’s new EP Seasons Pass.

Liz Felix is 91.3FM WYEP's evening mix host.

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