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Nyia what a beautiful name
Maybe it means river
Or grace
Friendly or full moon
Maybe it means small flower
Or beautiful voice,
Just maybe. 
There is innocence in the name Nyia,
Blocks with red and green letters
Blue number 
And toy drums
And stuffed warm pink teddy bears
And crayons
Stuffed blue giraffes
Red and blue beach balls
And yellow ducks.
Pink baby brush
Soft pink blanket
And Nyia was just cutting teeth.
February and it's bitter cold
And ice
And the earth is frozen

A terrible person hurt Nyia
And took her to the woods.

I called the detective after reading the paper, 
How the terrible human was sentenced to life with no parole. 
I told the detective, "It was seven degrees and he left Nyia
Out to freeze."
Detective said, "Nyia was only two years old
And when we found her she had frozen
Her little footprints were in the snow.
She had walked around in a circle,
Then she just collapsed and went to sleep."
I told him, "It's one of those cases that you will carry with you
The rest of your life.
Your eyes will stare into the blank thoughts of silence.
And you will hear your own heart pounding.
You will pause and you will shake your head,
Unable to understand.
In the middle of the night you will count Nyia's small footsteps in the snow.
And you will also die just a little bit,
And you will feel the winter days on your soul like the February ice."
He said, "She was just a little girl.
Nyia maybe means friend of the people, 
Or God's loneliness
Or freedom
Or roaring lion
Light or Pearl,
Maybe Nyia means one that walks with angels."
I said, "That's why you took the oath.
Wish I knew the answers. 
But there are no answers for a two-year-old little girl
That freezes alone. 
It's just the way of evil."
He said, "I'll talk to you later."
I hung up the phone and thought,
Too many sleepless nights.
I hope there's a special place in heaven for the little girl,
And I bet the name Nyia means child of God,
Or blessing
Or truthful
Or maybe beautiful eyes.

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