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Listen to Stone Throwers new single 'Game'

Dance into 2020 with "Game," the newest release from rock-soul-funk-fusion band Stone Throwers.

The track starts with a short cheery guitar riff that sets the upbeat tone for the rest of the song. With a smooth saxophone, powerful brass, and tight drum and bass line, "Game" sounds both new and familiar, and is infectiously danceable.

But unlike the happy tune, the message is a little more somber. "Game" is about searching for clarity and emotional connection in an increasingly physical and opaque world, and about looking for love in a land of lust. The question: "Is this real or just a game?"

The Pittsburgh band is set to release more new music next year, but until then, you can jam out to "Game." But beware, at a running time of one minute and 58 seconds, it's an easy earworm. Just as you start to get moving, "Game" comes to an end.

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