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Letters to the Editor: Oct 10 - 17 

 A transwoman scorned

I am writing as an outraged feminist. As a young female adult who is a full-time student while simultaneously juggling two part-time jobs, I am highly offended by the majority of the article "Gender Gap" [Main Feature, Sept. 26]. Mostly, I am offended that [while] Jessi Seams may identify fully as a woman, actually [living] as a woman only part time deems her a four-page article. This article then grants her misguided confirmation that she is, in fact, a woman that has been wronged.

I cannot believe that Miss Seams has the, dare I say, balls, to state so blatantly that, "she works as a male in a field where it's easier to be male." You CANNOT take the best of both worlds, Jessi Seams. You absolutely cannot in good conscience expect any female to take you seriously as a hard-working woman, struggling to make the same amount on the dollar as the ever-hard-working man. To say this and continue to pity your own case, encouraging blogs and e-mails to be sent to CTN for not allowing you to participate as a woman in their event, is ridiculous. You have turned women's fight for equality, specific to this case, into a mockery. There were no prejudices involved in this decision, particularly because the CTN explicitly informed Jessi Seams when referring to their women performers that, "all live full time, legally, as their prospective gender." I understand the legal aspect as varying from state to state and [being] quite unclear. However, the full-time part is not unclear.

I could care less if Jessi Seams thinks of herself as a woman or not. I do care that this one individual was able to make a case for herself when she admittedly works as a man because it is easier. She should be ashamed for setting women back and should apologize for being a hypocrite -- which is quite typical of men.

-- Molly Johnson, Bloomfield

Debate over inclusion should continue

In response to your article "Gender Gap," thank you for bringing to light issues of trans inclusion in Pittsburgh's LGBTQ community. With light, comes heat.

Let's hope the heat spurs leaders in our community, including CTN organizers, to take an honest look at our efforts to include transwomen and transmen as full participants in our programs, services and activities.

-- Sue Kerr, Manchester


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