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Letters to the Editor: Jan 23 - 30

Criticism DOA, former coroner says

Evidently, I am not as intelligent as some of my naïve admirers and close friends believe me to be. I just learned from Chris Potter ["Not-Very-Selective Prosecution," Jan. 9] that I never even realized I was being duped out of a rather large amount of money by Allegheny County during the 10-year period in which I served as coroner. There I was, earning a paltry $64,000 while (according to Potter) the position of coroner was supposed to pay $107,000. Wow! I shall be forever embarrassed by my stupidity and disappointed by all the money I lost.

Mr. Potter does not like me because I wrote a critical letter to him more than six years ago following the horrendous tragedy of 9/11. In light of what Islamic fundamentalist-terrorists have been doing to hundreds of thousands of innocent people (throughout the world) since September, 2001, I believe it would be edifying and quite fascinating to read once again just what Mr. Potter wrote at that time. Then, City Paper readers could determine for themselves whether there was any reasonable and justifiable basis for my having expressed the critical comments that I did.

I can only hope that Mr. Potter enjoys mathematics and history as much as I do.

-- Cyril H. Wecht, Squirrel Hill


Hill District has itself to blame

I love City Paper's articles on the whole new Civic Arena deal and how some Hill District residents are complaining about it ["Fiery Response: Controversy Ignites Over Hill District CBA," Jan. 9]. I laugh out loud when I see arguments about how the Hill used to be this vibrant and wonderful place back in the gilded olden days and then the Civic Arena's construction destroyed it all. And I might add that the City Paper often enthusiastically parrots these arguments.

It's bullshit. They destroyed their own neighborhood. They did it during the Martin Luther King riots, and their children do it today as they shoot each other with regularity (as is the case in pretty much every black neighborhood in this city). Why are all of these communities (and many black communities in other cities) experiencing such degradation and problems? Some say that it is poverty. I think it goes deeper than that, because I come from a poor white town and there isn't a lot of crime and there are no murders. But, I don't know the answers because I'm no sociologist. And to be honest, I really don't care.

Do Hill residents want a grocery store? They should ask themselves why private companies haven't opened one in the neighborhood. Is it maybe because of the high crime rate? Should other people's money be taken in order to subsidize a private store? I don't think so.

I'm already pissed off that public money is going to be spent to build this arena. And now Hill residents want a handout to put Band-Aids on the problems that they themselves created? For Pete's sake. They need to start cooperating with the police to get rid of the thugs that run their streets. They need to stop whining and playing the victim.

I swear ... every time I turn around there are assholes trying to put their hands in my wallet.

-- Jason Depew, Bloomfield


Cover charge

As a well-seasoned traveler, I am embarrassed that CP chose to ridicule our mayor on the cover of the first edition of the new year ["2007: The Year in Lists," Jan. 2]. When traveling, the first thing I do is pick up a local paper to see what's going on in a new city. Perhaps, all those young people who left Pittsburgh came back for the holidays, and what did you serve them? "Well, we gotta trash somebody, 'cause that's what we do here in da 'Burgh!" Forget showcasing the best of Pittsburgh and what residents have to look forward to in 2008. It wasn't even funny. The mayor didn't look bad. You looked bad. It was bush league.

-- Adrienne Hill Buka, Friendship

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