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Letters To The Editor: Jan. 17 - 24 

Larger arena for preservation efforts

Kudos to Violet Law for her story on preservation issues surrounding the Mellon Arena ["Dome Do-Over," Jan. 10]. While the arena is certainly a high-profile project, it is not by any means the only one. There is the New Granada Theatre, the Crawford Grill and the August Wilson home, to name a few. Preservation Pittsburgh is strongly committed to working with government agencies and community stakeholders like the Hill District Consensus Group and the Hill House, among others, to identify priorities and develop policies for preservation in their neighborhood. Whatever happens, a premium must be placed on the wants and needs of the community, because, ultimately, it's the community that lives with the consequences.

-- Steven Paul, Executive Director

Preservation Pittsburgh

Fare's fair

Re "Taking a Flyer" [Jan 10]: There is one very small bright spot in this otherwise dismal news [about cuts to the Port Authority system], which is the proposal to move to a flat $2 pay-enter fare system, with unlimited transfers and proof-of-payment on the T. Given the Downtown-centeredness of the system, this is a godsend for those of us who want to, say, get from Lawrenceville to the South Side.

Plus, pretty much anywhere in the world where public transit is taken seriously has a similar fare system. I reckon it would go a lot further toward attracting new riders than the totally vacuous "how to ride the bus" ads they were taking out for a while there.

I wonder if they'll let us get off through the back door, too? Nah, probably expecting too much.

-- David Huggins-Daines, Bloomfield


In our Dec. 27 story on Mattress Factory's Gestures show, we credited a photograph in the exhibit to artist Anne Angyal. Although Angyal collaborated on the work and appears within it, the photograph was taken by Ryan Sigesmund, who was not properly credited by the exhibition. We regret the error.


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