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Letters to the Editor: Dec 26 - Jan 2 

Appell of dischord

Re Kathleen Appell's Nov. 27 letter ["Alien Notions"] about immigration: Her barely concealed bigotry is precisely why the immigration debate has gone stale. The letter was so saturated with racism that the remark "How many tortillas would [an immigrant's mother] have to prepare for $5,000? A lifetime's worth," made me think I picked up a copy of The Turner Diaries by mistake.

Right-wing cranks like Appell nearly bite through their own lips spewing about how many crimes illegal aliens commit. Yet they never once mention the companies who continue to hire illegals, subverting our wage laws in the name of their bottom lines. Have the local police detain and send some of these CEOs to prison, and I'm fairly sure your illegal-immigration problem would shrink to the size of Ms. Appell's common sense. Having bigots leave church voluntarily [as Appell suggested some Catholics were doing in opposition to the church's tolerant stance on immigration] only saves the trouble of throwing you out, madam. "Love Thy Neighbor" never mentions possession of a green card.

I'm all for legal immigration, but I refuse to let scare tactics keep me from my human decency. All this talk of sexual assault [by illegal immigrants] smells oddly reminiscent of the segregationists' playbook: keeping the black man in check lest he go out of his skull and start to rape white women. I'm fairly certain that more actual atrocities sprang forth from segregation than [from immigration, despite] the suspect data right-wing blogs love to vomit upon the gullible who might listen.

Most illegal immigrants are attempting to better their lives and support their families. In effect, they are you. If this makes me an anarchist, then I'm quite comfortable. I've seen what the law-abiding other side has produced.

-- Daniel Warner, West View


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