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Another round of life lessons, as taught through sports

Wispy high school kid Cal (Devon Graye) takes up wrestling in an attempt to connect to his long-dead dad and his estranged older brother, both former champs of the mat. Mel Damski's teen-sports melodrama is everything you'd expect – from training montages to the Wise Elder at the Catfish Pond (Danny Glover). The only surprise for me was wondering how Patricia Clarkson ended up as Cal's mom in this WWE-produced sweat-and-schmaltz fest. Yes, WWE. Pro-wrestler John Cena and his mighty muscles star as the bad-boy brother. There are the usual lessons about learning to believe in yourself, forgiveness and the extra-tricky "reverse cradle" move. Don't try that, though, unless you're down to the wire in the state championships. Starts Fri., Sept. 10. SouthSide Works

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