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Lebanon, PA

An indie dramedy that asks: can you really go home again?

After his estranged father dies, Will (Josh Hopkins), a thirtysomething ad man from Philadelphia, heads back Lebanon. There, in his small hometown, he connects with neighbors (sort-of cousins). In particular, he bonds with a teen-age girl (Rachel Kitson), who's debating what to do with her unplanned pregnancy, and a married, if dissatisfied, schoolteacher (Samantha Mathis). In Ben Hickernell's low-key indie film, we track how each of these casual acquaintances has the potential to be life-changing -- even as the film reflects that one never truly loses one's core essence. It's sweet, if a little predictable, and likely to create murmurs of understanding among those Pittsburgh viewers who still have a foot in a rural hometown. Hickernell will attend the 2:30 and 5 p.m. screenings, on Sun., May 8, and do a Q&A. Starts Fri., May 6. Oaks

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