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In this light screwball comedy, Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore portray two top New York divorce lawyers. They circle each other in court -- and after hours -- bantering their way to the inevitable match-up after a silly detour to the Irish countryside. Peter Howitt's film is inoffensive if wholly predictable (it seems tailor-made for screening in-flight -- no naughty bits, nasty language or troublesome plot). Brosnan was born to play the gently teasing Irish charmer, but Moore, who is a fine actress, appears less comfortable in her comedic role. As is typical in such romantic comedies, the supporting players get all the juicy parts -- Michael Sheen and Parker Posey are the obnoxious celebrity couple who hire the opposing counselors for their divorce, and Frances Fisher is Moore's saucy mom. Likewise, it's convention that the relationship take 90 minutes to resolve, but the narrative never provides much conflict, artificial or not, especially for Moore's reluctant-to-love character. Brosnan's lawyer in love is gorgeous, fun, smart, well employed, sweetly sentimental, willing, respectful and, for added measure, still more good-looking! Why this isn't a five-minute movie is beyond me. 2.5 cameras

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