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Last Chance Harvey

Can two lonely people turn a chance encounter into later-in-life romance?

It's a rarity of sorts: a romantic comedy set over the course of a wedding weekend without any profanity, nudity, sexual situations, underwear scenes, upended cakes or "stars" known only to regular watchers of teen-oriented TV. Joel Hopkins' light but earnest film matches the perennially single, somewhat defeated Londoner Kate (Emma Thompson) with Harvey (Dustin Hoffman), the somewhat defeated jingle-composer in town for his daughter's wedding. After meeting at the airport, the two mostly just amble around the Thames chatting -- it's a bit like Before Sunrise for the over-40 set -- while you root for these two lonely souls to make a connection. Lately, vets Thompson and Hoffman have been more apt to appear in exaggerated comic supporting roles, so it's a pleasure to see them turning in fine, low-key work here, even if Harvey on the whole seems perfunctory. Starts Fri., Jan. 16.

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