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Kung Fu Killer

Teddy Chan's Hong Kong actioner is a mash-up of police procedural and martial arts

Somebody is killing the great kung-fu masters of Hong Kong, defeating them with their own specialties (kicking, weapons, grappling). It could only be another kung-fu master (Baoqiang Wang), and it'll take yet another kung-fu master (Donnie Yen) to find and defeat him. And if that avenging master is in jail, well, the cops will just have to let him out. Teddy Chan's actioner is a mash-up of police procedural, martial arts and an homage to the Hong Kong kung-fu film industry. (Dozens of past and present stars appear in cameos.) It has much to recommend it: The story has a few twists; the final showdown, set on a busy freeway, is a good one; and the two female characters are take-charge bad-asses. It's amusingly preposterous and baroque (like any kung-fu movie), and the heavy-handed moralizing about honor is off-set by scenes of spare hard-boiled dialogue: "I'm here to kill you." "Good."

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