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609 Amity St., Homestead


Katie's Kandy could become your kid's new favorite store ... and your dentist's worst nightmare.

The candy shop, which opened in May, is located in Homestead across the railroad tracks from the Waterfront shopping center. Selling everything from ice cream and prepackaged candy to fudge and piñatas, Katie's offers more than the typical grocery-store candy aisle. Best of all, it feels like a candy shop.

The store is neatly organized, with bins of bulk candy clearly labeled with their contents and prices, and its decorations are colorful and sure to grab the attention of kids. Inside the front door, customers are greeted by a stock of kosher candy ($8.99/lb.), including jelly beans, and chocolate Dutch mints. Nearby, the dried-fruit section ($8.99/lb.) offers nectarines, mangos and pineapples. 

If it's chocolate you crave, Katie's carries an ample selection of both sugar-free ($10.99/1b.) and regular chocolate treats ($8.99/lb.). Stuff your plastic bag with everything from chocolate-covered banana chips to peanut-butter cups. One aisle over, counter the sweet chocolate with some salty snacks in the bulk nuts section ($3.99-8.99/lb.), which includes cashews, sunflower seeds and almonds. 

Things get nostalgic on the store's back wall. There you'll find Katie's largest selection of bulk candy ($3.99/lb.), boasting childhood favorites like Swedish fish, Tootsie Rolls and ... oh, the memories ... Smarties. 

If you're looking for a place to put all the candy you've purchased, Katie's has you covered. Dozens of colorful piñatas ($13.99 empty, $22.99 filled) -- some shaped like the ever-popular footballs and dinosaurs -- dangle from the ceiling. Fill them with candy, blindfold your kids and give them sticks. Then let the sugar-inspired violence ensue.

Not in the mood for candy, but still want to satisfy that sweet tooth? Try Katie's ice cream, from Hershey's ($1.29-3.49). The shop also sells fudge ($8.99/lb.), which comes in flavors such as strawberry cheesecake and Oreo cookie. 

For now, parking at the candy shop is an issue. But an employee tells City Paper that a building currently being torn down across the street will soon make way for a customer parking lot. Despite the current parking problems, however, Katie's is worth a trip ... especially if you're looking to stock up on sweets before that next flick at the Waterfront movie theater. 

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