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His previous work has been schizophrenic, from Ghost Cauldron's robotic thud, to Terranova's weirdo-hop with the likes of Mike Ladd and ex-Slit Ari Up, to graffiti (he tagged the Berlin Wall) and modeling (Stussy). But now, under his own "name," Kaos is simply multifaceted. On Hello Stranger, Kaos pulls off deep electro-house with King of Convenience Erlend í˜ye ("Lessons In Love"), dirty punky disco ("Boggie Boy") and the best remix of a Depeche Mode song in years ("Bang the Box" -- which Depeche didn't write or record, but it's close enough). What's more, he still finds time to make 2005's first bona fide spring dance-floor necessity: "Feel Like I Feel," already put to great use by The Glimmers on their DJ Kicks installment.


Despite the stylistic mash-up beat barrage, Kaos keeps Hello Stranger honest -- an album, not just a collection of great tracks. Warm tones, punk bass plucking, jittery synths and trebly vocals set to make a few breezy outdoor evenings just a little bit dirty.

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