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Justin Severino partners with East End Brewing, Salvadoran cuisine, and a biscuit truck round out this week's food news

click to enlarge Chef Justin Severino - PHOTO: LARDER
Photo: Larder
Chef Justin Severino

Larder of East End

East End Brewing Company is getting a restaurant. On July 5, Larder of East End officially opens.  

The concept is a collaboration between award-winning chef Justin Severino, Hilary Prescott Severino, and East End owner Scott Smith. It’s a casual, counter-service restaurant adjacent to the brewery’s bar, the inside seats 85 with more options outside. 

Severino and Prescott Severino announced the partnership with Smith in January of 2018. It was a natural fit, since East End beers were on menus at Severino’s restaurants since the beginning. 

Larder of East End is a departure from Severino's more formal restaurants, Morcilla and the recently closed Cure. The casual counter works well for Smith’s brewery. 

Severino has created a seasonal menu for the brewpub restaurant. It’s a small list that boasts incredible flavor. Vegetarian options include a gem lettuce salad, falafel, and potatoes with smoked blue cheese. There are mussels on the menu, steamed in one of East End’s most popular brews, Big Hop. Part of Severino’s kitchen renovations include the addition of a smoker, used for brisket and hog barbecue. For the little ones, Severino has chicken tenders, french fries, and mac and cheese. Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream makes an appearance, garnishing a homey strawberry cobbler. 

Larder of East End opens July 5 at 4 p.m. For now, it will be open Wed.-Sun. 

Ball Pit Party

Kids love ball pits. There’s nothing better than the chance to dive and swim around a pool of plastic balls. And now, as an adult, you can relive that fun! Ball Pit Party!, a ball-pit themed pop-up bar, is an adult playground to the city. 

The ball pit at Ball Pit Party! will be filled with five-hundred thousand LED balls. Dive in and out of the lit pit as it blinks in time to tracks spun by DJs. Once you’ve had enough, visit the bar to re-energize with a cocktail. 

The bar is set to come to Pittsburgh Sept. 28 and 29. Sign up for pre-release tickets 

Food Trucks & Farmer’s Markets

It’s the middle of summer, which means it’s peak time for farmers' markets and food trucks. Make the most of the season! Eat something from them all. Here are a few mobile eateries worth seeking out.

click to enlarge Stickler's new trucl - PHOTO: SARA VOELKER
Photo: Sara Voelker
Stickler's new trucl

  • Stickler’s Ice Pop Company
    This mobile popsicle stand describes themselves as “frozen perfection on a stick.” They’re right. Stickler’s small-batch pops are fresh, made with real fruit, and fantastic for hot, summer days. Find them at farmers' markets and in stock at businesses across the city.

  • click to enlarge Horchata pupusas and tamale - PHOTO: DAVE MIZER
    Photo: Dave Mizer
    Horchata pupusas and tamale
  • Café Agnes
    Café Agnes is bringing Salvadoran cuisine to Pittsburgh. They serve up pupusas, corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, meat, and beans served with pickled vegetables (like an arepa without the opening), tamales, and horchata. There’s always a line, and for good reason. Their pupusas are worth waiting for.

  • click to enlarge Fougasse from Crust Worthy - PHOTO: CRUST WORTHY
    Photo: Crust Worthy
    Fougasse from Crust Worthy
  • Crust Worthy
    Vegan baked goods. Need we say more? Crust Worthy’s plant-based pastries are delicious. Owner and baker Chloe Newman uses sourdough to make her goods. For now, Newman’s selling from events and farmer’s markets around the city.

  • click to enlarge Asado Burger - PHOTO: ERICA ISAAC/GAUCHO
    Photo: Erica Isaac/Gaucho
    Asado Burger
  • Asado Wagon
    Gaucho Parrilla Argentina is undeniably one of Pittsburgh’s favorite restaurants. Their mobile truck is no different, as they take their wood-fired meats to the road. Catch them at a local brewery or summer event. Try the corn!

  • click to enlarge Biscuit with Bacon Jam Greens and Egg - PHOTO: LENA LASKARIS
    Photo: Lena Laskaris
    Biscuit with Bacon Jam Greens and Egg
  • Wise County Biscuits
    Buttery, fluffy, Appalachian-inspired biscuits. That’s what Wise County Biscuits is all about. Though the biscuits are incredible on their own, their sandwiches are even better. The biscuit burger goes fast. Get in line early!

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