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Just Wright

Uninspired rom-com still finds its way to true love

Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) is a thirtysomething physical therapist with a great personality and a deep love for pro basketball, but men see her as just a buddy. Then her gold-digging gal pal Morgan (Paula Patton) hooks up with New Jersey Nets star player Scott McKnight (Common). Scott gets injured and, on Morgan's suggestion, Leslie moves into his mansion to heal his injury before the playoffs. Rom-com fans won't find any surprises in this predictable outing from director Sanaa Hamri. (Other than that the unfailingly polite Scott seems to be the Pat Boone of pro-ballers; he doesn't even have any tattoos.) There are the usual gentle reminders about judging people by their hearts and the importance of perseverance. But despite the attractive leads, there's little compelling about this film.

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