JUST MY LUCK | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Life is pure sunshine for the perennially lucky Lindsay Lohan, but it's all mud and mishaps for the ill-fated Chris Pine. When the pair shares a kiss at a masked ball, they unknowingly swap their luck. Pine, with a British boy-band he manages in tow, skyrockets to the top, while Lohan learns some relatively painless lessons about hard times ... at least, until they find each other again, and do another luck switch-out. It's a cute premise, but really, only for about 30 minutes, and then it grows tiresome. Thus, Donald Petrie's romantic comedy pads the story with the band singing, and having Lohan and her two gal pals wear a lot of kicky Cosmo Girl outfits. It's harmless, if very thin, entertainment. (AH)

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