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Just Kids in the making: Interview with Patti Smith, July 2007, unpublished excerpt

So you're writing a book?
Well, I've been working on this book for a few years -- it's a little painful to write. I'm finishing it up. It's really a book about my friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe, and you know, it's about the late '60s and really just about the evolution of our friendship. He was my boyfriend when I was 20; we went through a lot of painful changes as artists and human beings, artistically, sexually, politically ... and it's a little documentation of our friendship -- our love and friendship.

And I'm probably a few years late finishing it, but sometimes it makes me -- you know, he's gone -- it makes me a little sad. But I'll get it done! You have my word!

Is it anything like Patti Smith Complete? I really liked how the photos and manuscripts interacted with the lyrics.
Well, this is a real book -- it's a real narrative, so it won't have as much. I mean, Complete, I spent like a year just in the designing of that book, gathering a lot of pictures and photographs and memorabilia and lyrics. I made Complete what I wanted when I was young. I made the book I wanted when I was a teen-ager, I wished Bob Dylan would make, or when I really liked somebody. The stuff that I wanted to see. So I tried to remember all the things that I wanted to see in somebody else's book, and tried to put it together.

I wanted people to get a sense of where the lyrics came from, who inspired them, what we all looked like when we wrote the songs, and what we were doing, and the people that influenced me. So that was an endeavor, really. To give people something other than just transcribing lyrics off a record. To actually give something holistic.

And this book I'm doing -- it's a book, you know. It's basically a narrative; it'll probably have some pictures or something in it, but it's a narrative.

So, where are you from?

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