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Poor Chris: He spent the whole of high school 10 years ago trapped in the "friend zone" with Jamie, while she dated every guy in class. Now that the former fatty nerd has reinvented himself as a hot, successful music producer in L.A., can he win his dream girl during a Christmas stop-over in New Jersey? No need to hold your breath for the inevitable conclusion to Roger Kumble's broad romantic comedy, but you might risk a laugh or two, even if it's well-worn turf: wedgies, boners, upended drinks, Anna Faris' turn as a Paris Hilton clone. The unctuous Ryan Reynolds stars as Chris (his fat-suit scenes brought appreciative howls); Amy Smart is the gal he pines for. But the scene-stealers are Chris Klein, as the too-sensitive rival for Jamie's affections, and comedy stalwart Julie Hagerty (Airplane), who plays Chris' dim-bulb mom. (AH)

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