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Jordan Montgomery warns up-and-comers of the toxic music industry on 'Favorite Rappers'

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Jordan Montgomery
Jordan Montgomery's latest single plays out like a story.

"Favorite Rappers" begins by following an upcoming rapper’s rise in the music industry as he changes his style to a "gangster rapper" persona in order to better fit into the scene and become more successful.

Heard you up and coming and you buzzing in the street," Montgomery raps over a minimalist beat. "Love that new song that you got right now / How many n***** that you shot right now?"

In the second verse comes the rapper's downfall, as his excessive spending, drug use, and violent behavior lead to incarceration.

"While going through the trial he expects his label to come to his rescue since they helped create this image for him," explains Montgomery. "But they move on to find another artist they can mold."

The idea for "Favorite Rappers" came to the Driving While Black label owner after
the real-life incarcerations of Bobby Shmurda and, more recently, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

"In the case of Bobby Shurmda, it showed me how the music industry loves to make a profit from gangster personas but will refuse to help those same artists they use to sell that image," says Montgomery. "With Tekashi 6ix9ine, I saw this artist [who] was used to sell that same image, however, he wasn’t really loving the lifestyle he portrayed and he got way over his head. His case is an example of how young artists may feel pressured to fulfill the stereotype of a rapper because they believe it is what will make them successful with their music."

Drawing inspiration from Twista's "Overnight Celebrity" in the lyrics, "I can make you a celebrity overnight," Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones," which criticizes former bandmates and record-label executives, and J. Cole's "1985," a message to up-and-coming rappers warning about the rap industry, Montgomery examines the pressures of the music industry and its severe consequences.

"Favorite Rappers" premiered today and is the lead single from Montgomery's forthcoming coming album, Thank You 4 Ur Purchase But We R Not For $ale, a follow up his 2019 debut Dark Horse. Montgomery plans to drop another single June 16, with the album coming out Tue., June 30.

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