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One of the world's most important cultural and religious cities gets the IMAX treatment

p>National Geographic's IMAX film Jerusalem, directed by Daniel Ferguson, gives a close-up of the city and the three major religious groups occupying its rocky terrain. We're treated to spectacular shots of Jewish boys celebrating b'nai mitzvah; Christians tracing the steps of Jesus' path to his crucifixion on the Via Dolorosa; and Muslims dancing and drumming, while colorful lights decorate the streets during Ramadan. We also meet three teenage girls from each faith tradition. They're intelligent and articulate, but most of what we learn about them is limited to their feelings about the city's religious significance. It would have been nice to learn what daily life in Jerusalem is like outside of all its spiritual activity. But clocking in at 45 minutes, the film is too short for us to go beyond short interviews and some quick history lessons on the city's holy sites, smoothly narrated by the ubiquitous Benedict Cumberbatch.

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