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    Jennifer Arendas on 01/14/2008 at 11:43 AM
    For shame for a reverend's wife to act so badly. We actually won our court case against Jeanie, who didn't even bother to show up for court. This is no case of mistaken identity. We met IN PERSON when I contracted her for my wedding flowers. Don't you think that makes even more shameful? To meet someone in person and then steal her HARD EARNED money and just not show up with her wedding flowers? The magistrate said that she is pretty well known to him, for taking people's money and not providing services and for accepting goods and not paying for them. He also said that she NEVER shows up to court. Is this how a reverend's wife should act? Maybe she really is doing something nice here with the wedding gowns, but I honestly wouldn't be suprised if she is selling them on EBAY. I'm not trying to defame her or anything, I think that people should just be very aware of her other side before dealing with her. She is very nice in person and continued to be very nice up until the day before my wedding and then just didn't show up. Dig a little and you'll see a VERY different side of Jeanie. Reverend's wives usually don't do jail time for passing bad checks. And that just happened last month.
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    Jennifer Arendas on 11/28/2007 at 9:53 PM
    Imagine my amazement when I saw this article. Jeanie and her husband also run a business called Jeanie's Silk Florals. They were supposed to do the flowers for my wedding on November 3rd and didn't show up, despite sending me an email the very day before telling me not to stress out, that everything would turn out wonderfully. Now she is refusing to answer the phone when I call or she has her kids answer and say that she is not at home. She did answer the phone the other day and was unbelievable rude and said that she was going to report me for harrassment. She ruined my wedding day and all I want is my money back. I find it VERY ironic that there is an article written about how she helps brides when she doesn't even have the decency to return my phone calls, my emails, or more importantly, my money. Brides should take caution before deciding to deal with this woman.