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Jack of the Red Hearts

An unexpected relationship between a trouble young woman and an autistic child yields rewards

Janet Grillo’s dramedy is a low-key domestic affair in which a troubled young woman nicknamed Jack (AnnaSophia Robb) lies her way into a job as an assistant to a lively autistic girl named Glory (Taylor Richardson). And not surprisingly, through her subterfuge, Jack discovers the importance of caring for other people, and takes a few steps toward getting her act together. Jack has the sanitized vibe of a Lifetime movie, particularly in depicting Jack’s “bad girl” background. But it’s more clear-eyed in depicting Glory, who is largely nonverbal and low-functioning, and in the ways that the everyday care of an autistic child can impact a family. The film’s resolution is pat in some ways, but leaves space for a continuing story that isn’t always going to be easy or satisfactory.

Starts Fri., Feb. 26. AMC Loews.

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