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It Might Get Loud

Three generations of guitar stars discuss their craft

Look at readers' comments after a magazine runs a "Greatest Guitarists" list, and you'll see how weirdly proprietary and competitive guitar fans can be. So It Might Get Loud can expect some flak from those who think Steve Vai or Al Di Meola is more deserving than one (or even all) of the three featured players. That one-upmanship though, isn't the point of this documentary, directed by David Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) -- which is what makes it so refreshing. Instead, the film explores the personal histories, personalities and philosophies of awesome axemen Jack White (The White Stripes), The Edge (U2) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), representatives of the guild who eventually meet to jam, trade riffs and insights. The popularity of Guitar Hero and Rock Band indicates that our fascination with the guitar and its foremost practitioners is still a potent force -- a force It Might Get Loud takes us a little closer to understanding. Regent Square

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