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Introducing City Paper’s new look

click to enlarge This week’s redesigned Pittsburgh City Paper
This week’s redesigned Pittsburgh City Paper

You may have noticed a few changes to this week’s edition of Pittsburgh City Paper. OK, to be honest, there are a lot of changes, but we think you’re going to like what you see.

Every newspaper goes through aesthetic and/or content changes every now and again. Last year, the staff began talking about “small tweaks” we could make to improve the product for our readers. Through those discussions and brainstorming sessions, the minor tweaks morphed into the product you’re holding today. 

We’re proud of City Paper’s new look. Here are some of the big changes you’ll notice. First, there is an updated cover and layout design by art director Lisa Cunningham, who really worked hard to make this new project a reality.

Then, obviously, there is the page you are reading. Rants and Raves is our new editorial page and will feature opinion pieces written, not only by our staff, but from other voices in the community as well. (In fact, if you want to submit a 400-word op-ed piece, send it to We will also feature a monthly staff editorial on the issues facing our region. We’ve also made room for reader feedback, so you can tell us how great — or how lousy — we are doing. Finally, you’ll notice at the bottom of this page is the current horoscope from Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology. The full column is available online.

Our food section continues the changes we began earlier this year. Food writer Celine Roberts will be covering the local culinary scene, and we’re introducing new features and stories to keep you in the know, food- and drink-wise.

In addition to our new page design, you will notice the largest change is in our arts-and-entertainment section. We’ve combined our arts, music and screen section into one super-section designed to bring you the latest reviews, previews and profiles from Pittsburgh’s robust arts scene. I’m also excited to announce that news editor Rebecca Addison will be our new A&E editor. In addition to the content we currently provide, readers can look forward to additional coverage of fashion, pop culture, television and video gaming. Our A&E coverage will also be supplemented by a larger event calendar. Many readers missed the former long-form events calendar that we used to print. The new calendar will be filled with more events than our former Short List, and you can still take advantage of our free listings online.

As with all changes, this might take a little getting used to. But as we continue to move forward, we think you’ll really like where we’re headed.

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