INTO THE BLUE | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
First, what really matters: Jessica Alba looks great in a bathing suit. So does Paul Walker. Walker can also apparently hold his breath for minutes at a time, which turns out to be really useful in John Stockwell's underwater ogle-fest-slash-action flick. Walker plays a Bahamian dive-bum who hopes to find sunken treasure (hey, beats looking for a job). One lucky day while cavorting underwater, he finds both an 18th-century ship loaded with gold and a plane packed with cocaine (in thoughtful watertight plastic bundles). Total combined value: 100 billion trillion dollars, or thereabouts. Enough to get other divers, cops and drug lords overboard and kicking much underwater ass. The plot, which pretends to present a "moral dilemma" about honorable poverty vs. a couple hundred misplaced kilos of cocaine, is wholly predictable, right down to its surprise twist. To recap: Swanning about in bikinis, good; getting mixed up with drugs, bad. (AH)

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