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The young-adult dystopia churns on in this clunky sequel to Divergent

The end of 2014's Divergent tantalized us with what lay beyond the horizon (literally) for Insurgent. Divergent was an occasionally turgid data-dump and warrior-training thriller about a dystopian future in which people are sorted into five rigid factions based on attributes. Surely, in Insurgent, our plucky heroine Tris (Shailene Woodley) would finally do something and advance the story. Alas, Insurgent is a clunky mess, careening from chase scenes to teen-age pity parties, from high-tech high-rise labs to grubby post-apocalyptic sewers, and revving through characters new and old. Many of the actors appear bored — every time Tris whirled around in a panic, I imagined Woodley looking for an exit — and there are still two more films to go (Allegiant, parts 1 and 2). In 3-D in select theaters

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