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Moving from male-dominated films (Wonder Boys, 8 Mile), director Curtis Hanson now adapts Jennifer Weiner's popular chick-lit novel about two sparring sisters. Maggie (Cameron Diaz) is a beautiful mess who just barely gets by on her wiles and is too often rescued by the older Rose (Toni Collette), a capable lawyer with self-esteem issues. The catalyst for helping these two gals discover their respective inner strengths is their long-estranged grandma (Shirley MacLaine). Shoes burbles along good-naturedly (though it feels a trifle padded), hitting the requisite notes of melodrama, sassy dialogue and warm hugs. Collette is the winner here: Her Rose feels real, somebody the female audience knows, and wouldn't mind being. Diaz can't shake her sunny, confident California girl-most-likely vibe to deliver a convincing portrait of a hapless screw-up. Still, you could do worse for gals' night out: Bring a hanky, and wear your best shoes. (AH)

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