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In a World ...

Ensemble comedy about the cutthroat world of voice-over work


There have been a million behind-the-scenes comedies about the movie biz, but this ensemble pic has two marks of distinction: (1) it's set in the tiny, but no less backbiting, realm of voice-over work, and (2) it's written and directed by a woman, Lake Bell. 

Bell also stars, portraying Carol, daughter of a voice-over king (Fred Melamed), who hopes to break into this boys' club. She winds up competing with her dad and his douche-y protégé (Ken Marino) for work in a new movie trailer that will re-introduce the classic opening words: "In a world ..."

It's a slender story to provide a steady stream of mishaps, wry asides (Carol describes her dad's young girlfriend as "smelling of Lifesavers") and assorted cameos. A couple subplots underline the importance of voice work and sound recording, plus you'll leave the theater with a fresh understanding of the obvious: Men do snag all the high-profile voice-over gigs.

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