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If It Ain't Broke, Break it

Locally produced comedy looks for love in all the wrong places

Given six months to live, Dr. Ravi opts to spend his frantic energies "fixing" the lives of his colleagues, including that of his gloomy attorney (Richard Kind, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and his secretary (Sabrina Bryan). This overly talky, low-budget comedy, the third feature from Pittsburgh writer-director-actor and physician Ravi Godse, suffers from a belabored match-making premise that never really engages. Most of the humor is fairly pedestrian: misunderstandings abound, blondes are dumb, wives are shrewish and a poetry teacher (a nearly unrecognizable Steve Guttenberg) is a babbling fool. The film features several local actors -- Adrienne Wehr, Patrick Jordan and Dave Petti -- and beloved landmarks, including Mount Washington and Franco Harris. Starts Fri., March 26. Regent Square

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