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Icelandic punks I Adapt play the Roboto Project

click to enlarge Ice men: I Adapt
Ice men: I Adapt

In the first five years of I Adapt's existence, the Icelandic punks didn't reach the United States even once; in 2007, they appear to be trying to make up for that. This fall, on the heels of their latest release, Chainlike Burden, I Adapt returns for its second U.S. tour of the year -- and plays Pittsburgh for the third time.

Formed in 2001, I Adapt began as a fairly straightforward hardcore band: phrases like "youth crew" and "chugga chugga" were peppered throughout reviews of 2003's full-length, Why Not Make Today Legendary. However, one unconventional aspect of their game (at least for their home scene) was their willingness to take on political and social issues in their lyrics. While the '90s in American hardcore brought a great deal of post-Dischord politicking (and some might say preaching), and some European bands (like Seein' Red) toed the party line as well, Icelandic punk was largely absent that kind of conscientious rhetoric.

After numerous partial lineup changes, I Adapt maintains much of the D-beat energy it started out with, but also has, in keeping with its name, morphed some to keep from growing stale. Chainlike Burden contains more epic and melodic parts, suggesting influences more of this decade: German hardcore/screamo bands Yage and Zann, for example, or even Japan's Envy.

Show up early at the Mr. Roboto Project to catch I Adapt on Sun., Oct. 14; the four-touring-band bill starts promptly at 6 p.m. And don't press your luck by saying you'll see the Icelanders the next time around.

I Adapt with Modern Life Is War, Trash Talk and Trap Them. 6 p.m. Sun., Oct. 14. The Mr. Roboto Project, 722 Wood St., Wilkinsburg. $8. All ages. 412-247-9639 or

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