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I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

In Dennis Dugan's comedy, two oh-so-manly firemen -- widowed daddy Kevin James and sleazy horndog Adam Sandler -- fake a gay marriage in order to claim benefits. As expected with such a juvenile and pedestrian concept, most of the laughs are rooted in the fear of being perceived as gay or in the spreading of gay cooties. (This low-renter actually features a dropped-soap-in-the-shower scene, shot, naturally, in super-scary slow motion.) Never mind the stapled-on "gay people are people too" final reel -- the premise is embarrassingly childish and the work's inherent homophobia is as transparent as hottie-beard Jessica Biel's underwear. You know that jerky guy who cracks offensive jokes and then adds, "Just kidding -- I love [insert denigrated group here ]"? That's this movie. (AH) [capsule review]

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