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I Love You, Man

Boy gets girl - and boy - in this comedy about the modern man.

No hints, no sub-texts, no sly winks: John Hamburg's romantic comedy is officially and openly a bromance. Sure, after some very brief conflict, the guy gets the girl, but after even more life-altering highs and lows, the guy also gets the guy -- and that's what really matters. Peter (Paul Rudd) is more of a girls-guy, and, with no male buddies, he's missing a best man for his upcoming wedding to Zooey (Rashida Jones). A series of man-dates go predictably (and hilariously) wrong, until fate delivers him Sydney (Jason Segal), an oafish alpha. Syd the Big Kid takes Peter under his meaty wing for tacos, career advice and impromptu Rush jams (now there is a guy-centric pursuit). Hamburg's comedy is in the mode of recent cheerfully vulgar Apatow-style hits, but its R-rating is simply for profanity and sex talk. And for a rather silly idea, the film has a fair amount of heart: It helps that the major characters are likable (and well played) and that I Love You's emphasis on men means very little of that shrilly, frilly nonsense that plagues chick-flicks. So men -- take your guy, or take your girl, or both. Starts Fri., March 20.

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