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Human Capital

Interconnected stories lay bare class and characters issues in this Italian drama

A cyclist struck by a car at Christmastime is the catalyst for Paolo Virzi's drama, which depicts the lives of two interconnected Italian families. The story is told in three chapters, each focusing on the same six months — from summer to the holidays — but from different perspectives. There's the slightly comic opener, in which the striving Dino begs his way into a one-percenter's hedge fund; Dino's daughter, Serena, is dating the rich man's feckless son. Chapter two focuses on Carla, the rich man's bored wife, who decides to restore a theater, while coping with her spoiled son. Finally, there's Serena's tale, in which the truth about the accident, and who these people really are, is revealed. Class, money, gender and even the recent economic crisis are all factors propelling the characters to behave in predictable ways. The title refers to the financial term for valuing one's worth with a dollar amount (an often ugly process in which working-class people are deemed to be "worth" less than executives). As this well-plotted but a trifle soapy drama posits, money may matter, but character also counts. In Italian, with subtitles. Starts Fri., March 27. Regent Square

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