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The hard-working space telescope gets its close-up

While part of Toni Myer's IMAX doc follows the 2009 mission to repair and upgrade the universe's most famous telescope, it's not the astronauts who are the stars of Hubble so much as it's -- well, you can probably guess. The film, made in cooperation with NASA, is both a fascinating look at the barely-known edges of space and a 43-minute ad for the continuation of the space program. It's when we're diving into a nebula in the furthest reaches of the known universe that the wow-factor of the large-format film is really unleashed. The shots of astronauts suiting up can be overwhelming on the massive Omnimax screen, and more time could have been spent exploring the images Hubble has sent back to us. But the film, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, is worthwhile for its meditations on faraway star clusters and galaxies. You're likely to walk out of the theater feeling a bit smaller than you felt upon entering. Rangos Omimax Theater, Carnegie Science Center (Andy Mulkerin)

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