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How to Get a Pennsylvania Marijuana Card

Learn how to get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania from the safety and comfort of your home by certified physicians.

Pennsylvania residents may be unaware that several medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment. Under Pennsylvania’s program, more and more patients are trying to obtain a medical marijuana card. The process of obtaining your Pennsylvania Marijuana Card is actually fairly straightforward.

What is the Process of Obtaining a Card?

To qualify for a Pennsylvania Marijuana Card and legally purchase medical marijuana from licensed state dispensaries, you must meet the following qualifications: Be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition, have an official written certification from a certified Pennsylvania physician and be a Pennsylvania resident with proof of residency (Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Pennsylvania State ID card).

You will first need to schedule an evaluation with a certified physician in order to receive an approval. When your doctor approves you, they will enter your approval into the state's medical marijuana registry.

How Do I Find a Certified Doctor?

At Pennsylvania Marijuana Card, compassionate physicians see you for a medical marijuana evaluation. Currently, all appointments are conducted through a safe, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. Patients can connect from a smartphone, tablet or laptop for a secure video conference with one of the certified physicians.

Make sure you disclose your current list of medications and medical history to the doctor. If you have any questions on medical cannabis treatment for your specific condition, consult with the doctor.

About Pennsylvania Marijuana Card

Pennsylvania Marijuana Card and its affiliated companies have helped more than 70,000 patients obtain their medical marijuana card. With telemedicine services and clinics in Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri and Virginia, Pennsylvania Marijuana Card is a name you can trust!

In addition to safe, easy telemedicine appointments, Pennsylvania Marijuana Card is unmatched in offering patient resources. Some of the patient benefits include: same day approval, price match guarantee and veterans discounts.

Patients interested in booking a risk-free evaluation, can visit or call 855-607-5458.

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