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How To Be Single

This ensemble rom-com is a bad date, and deserves to be alone.

Four ladies take on the challenge of being single in New York City in this mish-mash of a comedy directed by Christian Ditter. It’s an ensemble affair whose pieces never effectively knit together: Dakota Johnson wants to get back with her ex; Leslie Mann decides out of the blue to have a baby; Alison Brie is working on a dating app; and Rebel Wilson is all hit-it-and-quit-it. The title is confusing, since most of the plot’s energy is expended on dating, even serious dating. It’s as though the state of “single” is a bad dress you’ve either got to ditch ASAP, or pretend you like and wear anyhow. Having R-rated jokes and Rebel Wilson fall down repeatedly cannot save this: Face it, this film is a bad date, and deserves to be alone.

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