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Horrible Bosses

Comedy for these times: killing one's boss

Three buddies, each with miserable job situations: Nick (Jason Bateman) slaves in finance, and his boss (Kevin Spacey) is a passive-aggressive tool; dental assistant Dale (Charlie Day) is being sexually harassed by the dentist (Jennifer Aniston); and Kurt (David Sudeikis) is trapped working for an immature sleazoid (Colin Farrell). What if, the unhappy workers ponder one night, we could just kill our bosses? Thus ensues a fairly predictable shaggy-dog comedy in which the three hire a "murder consultant" (Jamie Foxx), and bungle their way through various ill-thought-out forays into crime. Most of the humor is pretty juvenile, with the f-word getting a rigorous workout in lieu of wit, but there are a few easy laughs here. Bateman is the most sympathetic of the bunch (you'll be mystified by what compels Aniston to grope the sniveling Day), with Spacey and Farrell earning the most laughs as villains. Seth Gordon's R-rated comedy doesn't set the bar very high, but in these troubled times, the overworked need all the vicarious revenge thrills we can get.

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