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Cory Edwards' computer-animated feature is a mildly entertaining goof on "Little Red Riding Hood." It begins with the no-nonsense Red (voice of Anne Hathaway) discovering a wolf (voice of Patrick Warburton) where her granny should be. But once the law starts asking questions, Hoodwinked becomes a detective story by way of Rashomon. Everybody from Granny (voice of Glenn Close) to a woodsman to a skittery squirrel relates a wildly different version of events. Hoodwinked's various narratives come together neatly (there's a perfectly good reason, for instance, why Granny is flying through mid-air at one point). Nonetheless, the fractured, po-mo fairy-tale gimmick is becoming as hoary as its source material, and the 3-D animation is merely adequate (so three years ago). But it's paced quickly and with enough gags and action sequences to keep the kids in their seats for 90 minutes. (AH)

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