HERBIE: FULLY LOADED | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
It's about as likely as my dog brokering civil accord in Iraq that a 1963 Volkswagen Bug wins a Nextel Cup NASCAR super-speedway race, but hey, that's what goofy movies are for. The lovable Bug Herbie is back, and under the tutelage of his new owner, Maggie (Lindsay Lohan), the scrappy import bests all comers whether at a street race or a demo derby. Herbie almost meets his match with NASCAR's top driver, Trip Murphy, another slimy villain portrayed with comic verve by Matt Dillon, who delivers the film's best line -- "You're going down, Bug!" -- without cracking up. Directed by Angela Robinson, Herbie is fast-paced, silly and somewhat inspirational, and the kids in the theater enjoyed the car's antics (it's been more than two decades since Herbie had a big-screen role). In addition to Michael Keaton as Maggie's dad, Herbie features a dozen real-life NASCAR personalities and plenty of sponsors. (AH)

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