HEIGHTS | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Chris Terrio's directorial debut is a light drama, adapted from Amy Fox's play, that tracks an autumn day in the lives of four bright young artistic things -- and one middle-aged diva -- in Manhattan, as their lives criss-cross and get disordered. There's the photog, Isabel (Elizabeth Banks), whose fiance might be g-a-y; an aspiring actor/waiter; a journalist stuck interviewing his lover's exes; and, in a swirl of quotable Shakespeare, Isabel's mom, a grande actress (Glenn Close). The stories come together in a compact, if predictable fashion; rather obvious metaphors and lessons regarding observing in lieu of doing, artificial and literal heights, and the busting through of surfaces to reveal hidden truths are rigorously worked. In the end, it's a pleasant soap opera, full of vapid if pretty people, naughty secrets and a handful of amusing guest stars. Starts Fri., July 29. Squirrel Hill (AH)

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