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Have you ever given blood?

Have you ever given blood?
If the answer is no, please consider becoming a first-time blood donor. If it’s been a while, please come back.

There’s a critical blood shortage right now, and patients who rely on blood are counting on blood donors. Those undergoing surgery, trauma and burn patients, premature babies, and people fighting cancer all may require blood transfusions to survive. And by giving blood, you can play a direct role in saving their lives.

As we cautiously emerge from the pandemic, we’re returning to activities that were on hold. Please make a blood donation one of those activities.

Ready to save a life?
Click here, or call 877-25-VITAL

If you are healthy and eligible, we urge you to give blood through Vitalant in the days and weeks ahead.

Not familiar with Vitalant? It is a nonprofit blood services organization formerly known as Central Blood Bank. It is the exclusive blood provider to AHN and UPMC hospitals, as well as nearly every independent hospital in the greater Pittsburgh area. That means when you donate blood through Vitalant, your blood most likely helps a hospital patient right here in our community.

These hospitals require about 600 blood donations every day to provide care to their patients. But our community is donating only about half the blood needed. As such, Vitalant needs to import blood from outside our area. To compound this, the number of people donating blood in southwestern Pennsylvania has shrunk by 60% in the past 14 years.

Please donate blood and help reverse that decline!

Make blood donations a part of your routine.
Please schedule your appointment to give blood.
Click here, or call 877-25-VITAL

Vitalant makes it as convenient as possible to donate blood – offering 10 comfortable Blood Donation Centers throughout the area, as well as several community blood drives daily.
Every whole blood donation can help two or more patients. That means your one blood donation may save many lives.
Never donated before? This short video explains how simple the process is. Please make your appointment to help the critical need, and experience firsthand how amazing it feels to save someone’s life.

upport for this lifesaving initiative is being
provided by Highmark Foundation.