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Have a drink to celebrate or ease the pain of another election season

Win or lose, you can still play this drinking game to get you through the midterms

Since the Trump administration began, politics have been basically impossible to avoid. Whether you follow closely or not, you can’t escape this election "season.” Even though the big Pennsylvania races have remained relatively quiet (the race between Gov. Tom Wolf and Scott Wagner has only held one debate), there is still a lot of noise in the buildup to the midterms. 

Information about each candidate is readily available online. A quick Google search will actually break down each party and help voters figure out which candidates support their beliefs/stances on every issue. 

Pennsylvania has hundreds of state and federal seats up for grabs, including the statewide races for Sen. Bob Casey’s and Gov. Wolf’s seats. After all this voting, I think we could all use a celebratory drink.

Election Day is November 6. Television coverage runs all day.

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First, make sure you vote! Then, pick your favorite local or national news channel, get your favorite drinks on ice, and begin:

Take a Drink:

• When Pennsylvania is first mentioned after you turn on the TV
• If anyone in the room knows someone personally that is shown on TV
• If someone calls a race a “Toss Up”
• When the camera cuts to B-roll of people standing in line outside polling places
• If the news anchor interviews someone with a Yinzer accent outside a polling place

Take TWO drinks:

• If above Yinzer is wearing Steelers gear
• If that person someone knows gets interviewed on TV
• If someone during the B-roll is waving a Terrible Towel
• If national news coverage mentions “Pittsburgh”
• If anyone you voted for wins their election

Finish your drink:

• If that person someone knows gets interviewed while wearing Steelers gear and waving a Terrible Towel
• If Allegheny County gets mentioned on the national news
• If someone during B-roll is wearing a Flyers jersey
• Once the Pennsylvania races are through and all the winners are announced]

Drink responsibly.

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