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Nearly 40 years after Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, apparently things haven't changed that much. A black middle-class family, headed by the irascible Bernie Mac, freaks out when his daughter brings home her white fiancé (Ashton Kutchner). This twist is meant to absolve the audience of wondering why everybody on screen is all tied up in knots over the whole black-white thing, and ensures the usual round-up of unenlightened race-based humor (hey, white men can't dance). One complicated set-up finds Kutchner, at their insistence, telling his potential in-laws a series of offensive jokes ribbing black stereotypes. As directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan, Guess Who is ultimately good-natured -- it will all work out with no hard feelings -- but with its over-exaggerated conflict between a bunch of decent folk, it sure does leave you wondering what parallel universe Hollywood operates out of.

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